weird wednesday

Well, no work today. the parental units are visiting, dad for only a week, so i am trying to do whatever it is he wants to do. Today it consisted of his finishing off viewing North and South in the morning and our going fishing in his former employer's boat until 1: ish, lunch out and his watching Martin Chuzzlewit this afternoon. Now the former employer has shown up at the house, so I'm holed up upstairs leaching off of the neighbors wireless connection. GCI and i had a parting of ways this week, so no fast internet and no fabulous cable channels to watch. This was the best move ever this week because otherwise, instead of all the BBC movies he hasn't yet watched, it would be televised tennis matches. I've already heard more than enough about 'Serena' (they are on a first name basis apparently), watching her grunt her way to victory could do me in. i hate watching sports.
In other completely unrelated news, i have a glitch with my digital camera and need to reload the camera software CD....and can't find the CD anywhere. so no pictures. i am so depressed by this turn of events that i didn't even take my camera in the boat, missing out on the joy of lots of whale pictures, that would look like little black blobs in the grey water due to it being overcast. My back has been unbearably sore this week so I didn't even do any fishing today. oh well, there's always this weekend when the sister comes.
Jen, I just want you to know I haven't caught anything yet, so we're even.


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