Weekend (and monday) Wrap-up

  • Went to friends house for gathering on Friday and held her kitten ALL EVENING. (sigh) Made delicious Apple Cake for said event that must have been tasty, because it lasted all of 3 seconds.
  • Saw a BEAR in the morning at the river - close. very, very close. Pictures will be forthcoming when snapfish mails them to me. (My digital camera had no battery life left, so instant gratification is unavailable).
  • Went sightseeing with my company from Jersey in the afternoon, then their son cooked us dinner.
  • Had picnic, went home and my company packed, then on the way to airport we stopped at the river and - saw a BEAR (can you tell it was exciting) EVEN CLOSER THAN LAST TIME. Yes, i almost wet my pants....and took lots of pictures in the twilight, which may or may not have turned out. Then my company caught the plane in the very late evening and I crashed.
  • Worked. Went to the movies with friends and saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Crashed.
My only exciting news is that my cousin Melissa had a little girl yesterday. It is times like this that I am sorry to live so far away. I must get started on something special for little Ellis. Contemplating gift options is so much nicer than thinking about work.........


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