I apparently have showering OCD

My company is still with me and will continued with me until late Sunday night so knitting was nonexistent yesterday and likely will remain so through the weekend as well..... This is especially sad since I'm into the ribbing on Orangina and if only I had a couple hours she'd be all done. My tree jacket is almost done drying and she is beautiful! I would have worn her to work today but the armpits were still the wee-est bit damp this morning. The lace pattern still flows gently sideways after blocking and is lovely! I should have pictures sometime today or tomorrow....but then again considering my company, probably not.

Me: (yesterday evening, after dinner, blow drying my hair, before putting on a dress and going out.)
Edith (Greatly reminds me of George Costanza's mother; she is currently my company and it seems, my nemesis): Did you take a second shower?
Me: Yes
Edith: You really took a second shower.
Me: Yes
Edith: Well, I don't see why you took a second shower.
Me: (silence, except of course for the blow dryer)
Edith: Didn't you take a shower this morning?
Me: Yes
Edith: AND another shower now.
Me: Yes
Edith: I can see taking a second shower if you were all sweaty from working outside.
(which was not the case). (She waits expectantly, hoping for an explanation as to this odd second showering phenomenon........)
Me: YES, I took a second shower.

Jen, I will try valiantly to take pictures of my guests for you so you can picture them in all their glory. Just be warned, Edith does NOT approve of taking second showers.


Anonymous gay said...

i'm doing juliet in a eal for the grandaughter and in a green for myself...i agree juliet needs to be bright. your tree jacket looks great...what kind of yarn did you use for it?

9/16/2007 6:50 PM  

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