SPT Personal History

Since I can remember I've always wanted red hair like my sister.
The first time I tried highlights, just a few lovely reddish streaks I thought, 'they will be just the thing'. They were fuscia and grotesque and took many tries at bleaching to disappear.
The second try was a mere two days before leaving on vacation to Mexico to meet up with two of my bestest friends and their little girl. I was going for a beautiful red reminiscent of Irish Setters, glorious and rich, shining with possibilities. It was burgundy and hideous, and I was sick knowing I had actually paid for the atrocity committed on my hair. I tried to strip the color, it took three boxes of light ash blond to allow me to be able to go into a public place without people staring. My scalp was raw and oozing from the dye/bleach mistreatment and my hair felt like it was melting when wet and straw-like when dry.
So I cut it. In the Hotel sink. With mustache scissors. SHORT. It was awful.
After two days of my own dreadfully inadequate haircut, we went to a lovely woman with a buzzer who evened out my hair. And then it was even shorter; think military cut. I had that wonderful little boy haircut feeling, you know when you take your hand and ruffle the little short hairs all over their head? I loved it. People still stared. Yet it was better to me. I was so much happier bald than with the terrible disappointment of expectations unrealized. The wonderous enchantment of hair color is the mirage you conjure up, the knowledge that a little bottle of hair color is all it takes to be new and improve, exciting and different.
Isn't that what we all are looking for?


In other news........

Yes, my weekend was very exciting. The highlights include discovering that I had no water Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, spending ALOT of money on heat tape that turned out to be unnecessary and seeing WAY too much of 'Larry The Plumber'.
On the upside: I now have experience installing heat tape; I can use a torch to heat water pipes and expertly kill spiders; I now have an indepth working knowledge of my crawl space (which I'm happy to report seems to be rat free); and there are no busted water pipes spilling inside my house.
On the Downside: (Yes, there is one...) I feel like someone has beat me up. This I can only attribute to crawling around in a freezing cold, spider infested dirt crawl space all day and the after-affects of viewing the backside of Larry The Plumber.
On a happier note: I have finished January book #4 and am almost finished with book#5. There is nothing like exhaustion to make you stay inside and read all afternoon Sunday.


Wilco is touring!!!


Self Portrait Tuesday

My sister and I went to Jamaica, partly because we found a good deal on Airfare and mostly on a whim. It was such fun; the driving beat of the disco underneath our hotel room until 4:00 AM, the completely empty hotel pool, strangers offering to sell any narcotic imaginable, the strange screaming animal noises from dusk until midnight, the near death drive to Ochos Rios.
Since than I have been on many vacations without my sister, none of them nearly as relaxing. It has nothing to do with where you visit or how long you stay but rather who you are with. If I lay awake into the wee hours unable to sleep, there are worse reasons than a disco beat.


It's beginning to look a lot like........

You'd think it was winter or something
Here is my view, or at least was on Friday. It is now freaking cold and clear. I thought to finish my book with all this wintery whiteness but I did not get that far. Beth cooked Friday and who turns down free food? Than Saturday Steve, Beth, Iris and I went to dinner at Henry's and to the late movie to see Memoirs of a Geisha. I think I should have read the book first but I am determined to finish one berfore starting another. Sunday I was invited to Dewolfe's for more free food ( Sushi ) and of course, I had to come back and watch Grey's Anatomy. So not done with Bronte yet.


Self Portrait Tuesday

Funny how little we actually change. Inside I feel exactly the same, so its always a shock when I see myself in a mirror. I still picture myself as quite small. I feel no smarter or more self assured, but rather vaguely discontented, as if I'm waiting for something important that never comes.


Greek Pullover Sweater

My pictures are crap so I'm only posting them here, not yet on the official Knit along site.
I tried on my sweater before washing and blocking and it was NOT right. Thankfully this was solved with a little stretching in the right places. My only regret is that the color bled during washing. Hopefully this is a one time thing. It is somewhat see-through but this really isn't a issue since I usually wear 500 layers of clothing at once. Now I think I am going to finish the Irish Hiking Scarf and then than as soon as my yarn arrives it is on to the Hourglass Sweater. I ordered a special dye lot of jaeger yarn off of ebay, so I'm a little anxious over the color. It was described as 'mauve' by the seller in the United Kingdom. This term in the west coast of america translates to PINK. However the picture definitely looked purple and the description seemed to indicate the picture was correct. Here's hoping that mauve means purple....



Apparently this has been declared National de Lurker week. Comments are being encouraged. (hint,hint)

(I thought the terrorist were winning anyway?)

And finally this one to shock Dad...................


The cat is in cahoots with the Aliens

She is an innocent victim naturally. Possibly suffering from Stockholm syndrome. THEY probally bribed her with Watermelon (which she can't resist) and now she has been conscripted to spy on the stupid humans. She is out at night communing with the Mother Ship and that is why she sleeps all day on the special yellow chair. So clear..........

In other news : I have resolved to read 50 books in 2006, not including books I have already read once (or twice or three times) and not, obviously, knitting books. This amount seemed small to me until I started to count how many I FINISHED in 2005. Which was not as many as I would have thought. I will keep a running total so as to keep inspired.

Self portrait tuesday

personal history
Just a few books........
Stacks with books read, books yet to read, books I've kept for many multiple readings. I remember events by the books I was reading at the time. Family vacations / my first vacation alone. When you live on an island there are so many plane trips and always there is a book involved.


Greek Pullover

The back is coming right along...


I'm a Heifer, she's a Heifer, wouldn't you like to be a Heifer too!?!

I'm not saying this isn't a worthy organization, I'm saying they should rethink their name. who wants to belong to Heifer International? Yes, we can give the gift of a heifer for a mere $500.00, but why can 't they just call it a cow?