Greek Pullover Sweater

My pictures are crap so I'm only posting them here, not yet on the official Knit along site.
I tried on my sweater before washing and blocking and it was NOT right. Thankfully this was solved with a little stretching in the right places. My only regret is that the color bled during washing. Hopefully this is a one time thing. It is somewhat see-through but this really isn't a issue since I usually wear 500 layers of clothing at once. Now I think I am going to finish the Irish Hiking Scarf and then than as soon as my yarn arrives it is on to the Hourglass Sweater. I ordered a special dye lot of jaeger yarn off of ebay, so I'm a little anxious over the color. It was described as 'mauve' by the seller in the United Kingdom. This term in the west coast of america translates to PINK. However the picture definitely looked purple and the description seemed to indicate the picture was correct. Here's hoping that mauve means purple....


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