for those that may have missed it the first time around - apparently you can watch again for a limited time
Act I
Act II
If these don't work you can always get a season pass through itunes that includes all three episodes. i heard there were complaints about the ending, but really, it is perfect in every way so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
the weekend was awesome
i did not take even ONE picture, luckily it seems complete strangers were much more prepared - look what i found in flickr
he, he, he
see anyone familiar?


i'm going way for the weekend. i'm going away for the weekend. i'm going away for the weekend.

Question to ponder.
Is there a book or author so cherished or reviled that merely seeing it open in someone's hands or a copy of it innocently sitting on their shelf instantly and irrevocably affects your opinion of them? more intelligent life ny times

I am currently reading Out Stealing Horses. It is infecting me with an overwhelming sense of impending doom but i'm not really sure why.


I woke up to The Hold Steady on NPR this morning. the new album is really good. really, really good.

I couldn't find a good video for a newer song, here is the video for Chips Ahoy


Three days more.............
and this is where I will be

do YOU have a ticket yet?

also planned for the weekend......the dark knight


This is the hilarious first act of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

just remember 'I'm just trying to change the world, okay? I don't have time for a grudge match with every poseur in a parka'.

then there was this


Conversation over the weekend with Mrs. P (Dolores) my neighbor lady:
me "I see you have new renters."
Mrs. P "They are the nicest couple. They have an acoustic daughter."
me ...............
Mrs. P "She is 20 but you would never know."
me "She's autistic?"
Mrs. P "Yes."
me "Oh."

I have been listening to the new Aimee Mann album continuously since the weekend. It actually took me quite awhile to get into it, but now.....well, I'm hooked.