am in airport waiting to return home from Oregon. Took not one picture on vacation due to forgetting the camera charger at home.... not my finest hour. finished my not-so-rusted root sweater on vacation and am wanting to re-wash and block since sleeves turned out ever so slightly too tight. no pictures to show because....forgot camera charger at home. also have completed the back and almost all of the front of completey unmentioned Jemima sweater, pattern from My Fashionable Life. using some lovely (and on sale thru purlsoho.com) Rowan silk wool dk in velvet (purple). it is so shiny and soft. Too bad i don't have photos.....
i can't wait to sleep in my own bed after bunking on the grandmother's couch for over a week. the coons fight with each other out on the front deck over the sunflower seeds around 3: a.m. every morning, dad gets up at 4: a.m. to go to work, the cat climbs up the door screen to get my attention around 5: a.m., and mum starts making a ruckus around 6: a.m. - this makes, as you can imagine, for a very long night. tried to get a picture of the coons in the sunflower seed box but that was when i discovered my camera was dead and i forgot the camera charger at home.... i did some clothes shopping and visited one Yarn shop - which was actually a disappointment. they had some lovely yarn but did not display it to it's advantage and their pattern selection was very poor. knitted objects were at a minimum as well. just as well since my bag is overstuffed as it is.
as soon as my camera is up and going i'll post pictures of my finished sweater, must be soon before my tan fades.......



Knitting News: I am awaiting the last of the yarn to finish my rusted root sweater. Wouldn't you know my Yarn Shop ran out of my chosen color? i only have the sleeves left and about 10 stitches to bind off on the bottom. since it is just pointless to attach an entire ball of yarn to bind off 10 stitches, i may try it on again and make it a little longer. I hate it when love handles peek out of sweaters. Anyway, I picked up some Patagonia Nature Cotton on sale and am undecided how to use it. How could i resist? just look at it, in all its purple/brown splendor. Briefly considered the Eyelet Cardigan but am now rethinking. With so much color going on, would it look better in plain old Stockinette? Any thoughts?

Anyway, in unrelated non-knitting news: Got up at the crack of dawn to pick up hustler at the Airport after not sleeping most of the night due to horrid cold and got call about 7: to say they had messed up his flight and he is not coming til the afternoon. My boss has been away for two full weeks now and still doesn't know when he is returning. So Oregon trip to see parental units is still undecided, perhaps Tuesday? Was told by two separate people yesterday how nice it was that Lee and her two roommates are going to be living with me. Somehow I only remember telling her that they could crash with me until they found a rental.


This is where kerri turns to advil and beer and becomes incoherent and proabally mis-spells something

i broke down and visited the chiropractor last night - a new one, very nice, even heated and stretched my muscles before slipping (nicely) things into place (as opposed to the last dude who will live forever in infamy as 'the steamroller'). it was great! really! until this morning. i woke up and couldn't move. just as a guess, I'd say my lower back was out so long, that, Yes! things hurt! but hey! everyone was used to it. Now, however, everyone is complaining that they were readjusted at the top of their voices really, REALLY, loud. So i did not leave the house this morning and i probably will confine myself for the afternoon as well, especially considering i decided to take picture of the rusted root's progress and this is what happened.... Who takes a picture to show how long their sweater has become and takes it UPSIDE DOWN?


And the award goes to....

I have been featured on Self Portrait Challenge
First of all, i would like to thank my lovely macbook for never questioning my vision, my mother for encouraging the watching of old black and white films - thenceforth i derived the name of my character 'Black Orchid'. Lastly to my sister who went away to Mexico thus leaving me bored with giants 'Tracts' of time normally spent in long telephone conversations.
Thank you all for coming and goodnight.