This is where kerri turns to advil and beer and becomes incoherent and proabally mis-spells something

i broke down and visited the chiropractor last night - a new one, very nice, even heated and stretched my muscles before slipping (nicely) things into place (as opposed to the last dude who will live forever in infamy as 'the steamroller'). it was great! really! until this morning. i woke up and couldn't move. just as a guess, I'd say my lower back was out so long, that, Yes! things hurt! but hey! everyone was used to it. Now, however, everyone is complaining that they were readjusted at the top of their voices really, REALLY, loud. So i did not leave the house this morning and i probably will confine myself for the afternoon as well, especially considering i decided to take picture of the rusted root's progress and this is what happened.... Who takes a picture to show how long their sweater has become and takes it UPSIDE DOWN?


Anonymous gay said...

wow i haven't even started on rusted root yet and congrats on your award!!!

4/09/2007 2:18 PM  

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