fully vested

I couldn't wait for my yarn to arrive so I fiddle around until I found something I liked. Finally cast on for this vest from Interweave Fall 2005:I'm using my frogged yarn from Juliet, so no additional yarn purchases happened. The sample photo almost put me off but rest assured no pugs will be allowed anywhere NEAR my vest. I had finished the entire back yesterday when, of course, my new yarn showed up in the mail. and o' my goodness, it is soft. and pretty. and calling my name sweetly. So I am swatching for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.
I also knit a gauge swatch for Bianca's Jacket with some stashed 100% silk, lovely pattern isn't it? What is a girl to do when she has too much yarn and ideas and not enough time to go around?


minimally yours

Pattern: Minimalist Cardigan Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Size: Small (35 1/2")
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heather
Colorway: Galaxy (brownish, purplish)
I made it approximately an inch longer than pattern specified. The wool grew very soft with washing and the color really is quite lovely. More pictures to come when the weather improves.



squandering time.....

I have been horribly unmotivated for longer than I care to admit. I need something to jolt me out of this slump, a cute boy would be probably do it........
I think I'll have to settle for some new yarn instead: this was ordered for the Tangled Yoke Cardiganand this just because I like the look of it.................


'neil says hi by the way......'

My introduction to Neil Gaiman was unusual. I don't read comic books. So it was through a tori amos song, oddly enough. I will always thank her for that.


preview of coming attractions

disturbed, very disturbed

Dear Amazon,
Further evidence that you are on crack has presented itself. Just this morning I opened my email to discover you had sent me a message of the 'Now available' variety. What was this now available product? North and South - In Half The Time (Compact Edition). This was recommended since I had highly rated other books written by Elizabeth Gaskell. The product you have emailed me regarding is not written by Elizabeth Gaskell, it is a cliff notes version of one of her books. Why would you recommend this to someone who gave a high rating to North and South - the real one? You know, the one with ALL THE WORDS STILL IN IT. As a matter of interest, why would you recommend this chopped up version to anyone?
I think you need to refine your site and recommendations. Only last week I viewed some lovely camper boots on your site, but after this window shopping of very practical boots you recommended I purchase crotchless panties as an item of 'similar interest'. I don't see the connection.
Please step it up. I used to love your site so much. I spent countless hours viewing your recommendations with interest and spending lots of money buying and loving interesting things that you had suggested.
With much regret,

a past love of Amazon.com


let me count the ways........

I love this time of year: the colors, the smells, the massive pumpkins in giant cardboard boxes for sale, my overly large selection of woolen mittens.......
The season is pitifully short here and not as varied as other places but still amazing. Yesterday and today both have been clear, not too cold and absolutely lovely. I know, I know, this optimism is very unusual for me. I had some good news today. Well, some hopeful news. Completely unconfirmed, total hearsay but could be possibly at some point be true so therefore I will believe it is true because my m.o. is to pin my hopes on rumors I like the sound of and not actual facts until my expectations are dashed to a million pieces on the cold, hard ground. And yes, I am a wee bit dramatic. (more about this news below.)
Anyway. This is what i did yesterday after work (work that wasn't really work since it consisted of my being bored and goofing off, cruising a lot of blogs, playing in ravelry and plotting my next knitting project.) These are my fabulous potatoes. They taste fabulous too. I ate some last night.
So about that news, only exciting to me but.......my dad apparently received a job offer here, he is apparently considering this offer, and apparently enough that he checked the ferry schedule for March. My parental units absconded from this place several years ago and I have been patiently waiting for them to return for several years. Patiently waiting in their house. Okay, not so patiently.
This news means I could be freed up for all kinds of things.......
Jen pack your bags, we are so going on vacation

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Is amazon on crack?

This is what I was looking at...... and they suggested crotchless panties as 'something I should consider', you know, as a SIMILAR product.
(I was going to post pictures, but it was just too gruesome.)


My weekend away was lovely and very eventful. Sorry, no pictures as I forgot to take any - as usual. There was much eating, hanging out with friends, shopping, (though not so much buying on my part) but no knitting.
I made up for it Tuesday by finishing the back of my minimalist cardigan and starting on the two front sides. Knitting continued through last night while I watched Pushing Daisies (my new favorite-est show). So this is what I have to show for the front..... In completely unrelated to any kind of knitting news: we may be going to see Blues Traveler in December, so here is a little love....



"I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time." Charles M. Shulz

It is autumn here. I want to walk through crunchy leaves, or dig up my potatoes, or plant tulip bulbs, or knit in my sunny window - NOT work. (big surprise).
Winter plans are still up in the air. I had originally thought the parental units would be coming up to visit, but apparently the father is not interested. He wanted mum to ask if I wanted to meet them in Palm Springs for winter holidays. with grandma. in the travel trailer. Count it: three adults and myself (4 PEOPLE) in a tiny travel trailer, camped out. Does this sound like a vacation? I told mum she should instead meet me for a vacation in Mexico. We'll see.


weekend knitting update

Here is a finished infant hat in Navy Bamboo. I made the pattern up as I went along. Circumference is approx 16.5" stretched.I have been considering opening an etsy shop to sell knitted things per a fabulous suggestion made by a reader. The questions that come to mind: can i keep up? will this be cost effective?
Any thoughts?
I cast on for the Minimalist Cardigan from the Fall 2207 Interweave Sunday afternoon, doesn't look like much does it? Believe me, it is. 10.5" is a lot when you're knitting in moss stitch. This is Cascade 220 in Galaxy. It's been a little hard on my hands with all the dry, cold weather we've been having. In other news: I am leaving town to go see my sister Thursday night through Monday night. YAY! I wish I could say this cardigan would be finished in time to wear it Sunday - but definitely not. Why won't my boss pay me to knit?

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LOOK! It's my bears

Yeah, I know, I know. They are crappy pictures....but i did get pictures.

funny friday

I almost fell off my office chair laughing.
If you can use a good laugh, please click here


pushing daisies

I am enchanted...



it has been a black week at the gunter homestead, this despite the lovely State of Alaska PFD being deposited into my bank this morning.
Things are a little grim money-wise, making vacation an unrealistic dream at this point. I really don't want a second job (or my first one, for that matter) and a room-mate is sooooo not appealing. any thoughts?



Cleaned out house - three large garbage bags of junk later and i still have too much junk. Does anyone else have the overwhelming urge to pitch things this time of year? Next to be sorted are my winter things. For someone who lives in the cold, I sure don't have any. Except mittens, lots of those. And look at my latest mitts progress.................I signed up for a Fingerless Mitt Knit-along ages ago and finally started Friday night. This is knit with #6 needles in Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton and are a very quick knit. Then I got sidetracked with these Saartje Bootees....................knit on #2 needles with Classic Elite Bam Boo. I sewed snaps to the undersides instead of making button loops. They were a big hit at the baby shower on Sunday. I can confirm that they fit a 8 lb week old infant.