Cleaned out house - three large garbage bags of junk later and i still have too much junk. Does anyone else have the overwhelming urge to pitch things this time of year? Next to be sorted are my winter things. For someone who lives in the cold, I sure don't have any. Except mittens, lots of those. And look at my latest mitts progress.................I signed up for a Fingerless Mitt Knit-along ages ago and finally started Friday night. This is knit with #6 needles in Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton and are a very quick knit. Then I got sidetracked with these Saartje Bootees....................knit on #2 needles with Classic Elite Bam Boo. I sewed snaps to the undersides instead of making button loops. They were a big hit at the baby shower on Sunday. I can confirm that they fit a 8 lb week old infant.


Anonymous keri said...

Your mitts look great!

I have the overwhelming urge to clean and purge lately, it must be the fall coming. I'm much more of a fall cleaner than a spring one! =)

10/01/2007 6:27 PM  

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