disturbed, very disturbed

Dear Amazon,
Further evidence that you are on crack has presented itself. Just this morning I opened my email to discover you had sent me a message of the 'Now available' variety. What was this now available product? North and South - In Half The Time (Compact Edition). This was recommended since I had highly rated other books written by Elizabeth Gaskell. The product you have emailed me regarding is not written by Elizabeth Gaskell, it is a cliff notes version of one of her books. Why would you recommend this to someone who gave a high rating to North and South - the real one? You know, the one with ALL THE WORDS STILL IN IT. As a matter of interest, why would you recommend this chopped up version to anyone?
I think you need to refine your site and recommendations. Only last week I viewed some lovely camper boots on your site, but after this window shopping of very practical boots you recommended I purchase crotchless panties as an item of 'similar interest'. I don't see the connection.
Please step it up. I used to love your site so much. I spent countless hours viewing your recommendations with interest and spending lots of money buying and loving interesting things that you had suggested.
With much regret,

a past love of Amazon.com


Anonymous jen said...

I hope you sent this very constructive and informative letter to whom it may concern

10/22/2007 12:35 PM  

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