let me count the ways........

I love this time of year: the colors, the smells, the massive pumpkins in giant cardboard boxes for sale, my overly large selection of woolen mittens.......
The season is pitifully short here and not as varied as other places but still amazing. Yesterday and today both have been clear, not too cold and absolutely lovely. I know, I know, this optimism is very unusual for me. I had some good news today. Well, some hopeful news. Completely unconfirmed, total hearsay but could be possibly at some point be true so therefore I will believe it is true because my m.o. is to pin my hopes on rumors I like the sound of and not actual facts until my expectations are dashed to a million pieces on the cold, hard ground. And yes, I am a wee bit dramatic. (more about this news below.)
Anyway. This is what i did yesterday after work (work that wasn't really work since it consisted of my being bored and goofing off, cruising a lot of blogs, playing in ravelry and plotting my next knitting project.) These are my fabulous potatoes. They taste fabulous too. I ate some last night.
So about that news, only exciting to me but.......my dad apparently received a job offer here, he is apparently considering this offer, and apparently enough that he checked the ferry schedule for March. My parental units absconded from this place several years ago and I have been patiently waiting for them to return for several years. Patiently waiting in their house. Okay, not so patiently.
This news means I could be freed up for all kinds of things.......
Jen pack your bags, we are so going on vacation

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