i have tickets for THE HOLD STEADY. i am UNBEARABLY EXCITED.

this is going to be epic
i haven't been able to shake this song, here is an acoustic version for a (hopefully) very chill thursday

who'd you rather be, the beatles or the rolling stones?

This fabulous shower curtain was recommended by my sis. she thinks it would be especially fitting for the family-locoweed's bathroom.


Epic 'Espace' (Budget Edition) Remodel 09 started out strong Monday.
Hallway view before:
Hallway view after: Then languished until last night when the ceiling beam was installed.
Hallway view today:The search for a cheap (ie: free) flooring option is ongoing. The old linoleum is especially gruesome since each room had its own separate piece. Pulling up the old vinyl is a nonstarter. It is very much permanently stuck to the plywood underneath (i know this from a previous ill-fated attempt to rid myself of the hideous multi-colored-with-glitter-starburst-patterned piece in one of the rooms).
my father is still speaking to me, i persuaded him that sheetrocking the upstairs was not very practical right now and he talked me out of buying epoxy garage paint for experiments in overcoating the floor.
i'd say, so far, Epic 'Espace' (Budget Edition) Remodel 09 is a success.


the locoweeds have triumphed over many adversities (weather, airline and, erm, um, etc. related) and will soon be seeing PJ Harvey. Live. In. The. Flesh.
try to control yourselves. being arrested could delay your return.... please, remember the children

email that gave me the best laugh (so far) today
From: Anthropologie, subject line:
Perpetually pleasing heels.
what does it say about me that i immediately thought of the 6th definition????


there was much sitting around a campfire that took place over the weekend but that has been usurped by other breaking news: Epic Remodel '09.
i gently brought up my lack of 'espace' over dinner (i think the term i used to describe my rooms was 'rabbit warren'). you know, as a preliminary hearing to prompt further negotiations. i apparently misjudged my father's desire for a project because dinner was almost aborted. scouting trips upstairs commenced, the tape measure was very much in appearance and finally it was pronounced 'possible'. i did have to talk him into waiting til tomorrow to begin tearing out walls so i could pack up my things.....
of course, by late tomorrow night he will probably be cursing the day he gave me life.
my dad = awesome



Over at ABC you can catch the last few episodes of Pushing Daisies online as they are released. So who is more charming, The Pie Maker or Emerson Cod?

i loaned my sister Ant Farm: And Other Desperate Situations by Simon Rich. She also thought his story the ride back to beersheba was entertaining (an imagined one sided conversation by Abraham to Isaac on the way home.....)
Wow, there is nothing like camping! Cooking your own lamb, building your own pyre... and no women! Just a couple of guys in the woods, lighting fires, doing stuff, and keeping it between themselves! Speaking of which, did you ever notice how your mother sometimes gets ideas? I mean she raised you and I love her, but she's a very nervous person. All I'm saying is sometimes it's all right not to tell her things. Like guy things.

heard on my ipod today: and as long as it's talking to you, talk of the weather will do.


I love the sun....


monday random-ness:

is it odd i find books so visually appealing? (picture ruthlessly stolen from Apartment Therapy)still lusting after this print. i think it would look grand against my grey walls.
found through i don't know how many links: movies in frames. it's odd how only 4 frames of a movie can turn a really interesting movie boring or a really boring movie interesting..
i thought this was funny, just because