Apparently i've been tagged to say six weird things about myself. here goes...
  1. i have favorite books that i own and love. when i see them at a bookstore sitting on the shelf i feel compelled to purchase them again and to take them home.
  2. i cannot wear acrylic or nylon fabrics, even with something else on beneath it. on good days it makes me clammy, cold and very irritable and on bad days.........you don't want to be there.
  3. i've only really dated once with a sort-of/half attempt another time, both episodes were miserable failures. it has been several years since i've even attempted it.
  4. i'm not really all that crazy about the beatles
  5. i have space invasion issues having nothing to do with aliens. very few people are comfortably allowed within my space and fewer still to touch me. (and i wonder why i have dating issues, hmm)
  6. Sixth weird thing: i have never successfully knitted a pair of socks. I HATE THEM. mittens, no problem. fingerless mitts, made lots & lots. Socks: i have this insurmountable distrust having nothing to do with turning a heel or knitting on circular needles. just a blind unreasoning hatred.
Weird huh?
Thanks to Gay for tagging me, i love to keep track of her blog. Now if only she'd send over those extra sweaters she never wears......
did you know 6 is a perfect number?


am so wanting..

I've ordered yarn for this in navy blue with green flecks... It's from the Knitscene magazine


wicked pictures

the front.....sorry the back is so dark. mum was opperating the digital camera... i've started the sweater in black, but as a log sleeved cardigan (hopefully with buttons if i find something i like, any suggestions?) and with ribbing at the bottom instead of the seed stitch.


almost done being wicked

all that is remains is the right sleeve and attaching the top of the pocket. i'm not thrilled with my pocket sides (see) so i may have to revisit them again soon. (the puckering to the right is not due to inadequate sewing but rather hurried pictures.) the pocket will probally be much improved after washing. I'm excited enough that i may have to wear pre-wash. i booked along knitting while watching the devil wears prada last night with 'the mother'. it seemed just as boring the second time as the first, but she wanted to see it. now it appears the father might be coming at the end of the month to work while Muellers are away for the Hawaii wedding, they will both be here driving me nuts.....


wickedly red

Progress has been happening on wicked, (why should i associate red with wicked, odd)...... I'm using Cascade Sierra in ruby, a wool cotton blend that I bought for another project which didn't happen. i'm trying yet again not to bite my nails so i painted them to match my yarn color (aren't girls silly). i got all the way down to where i'm supposed to start the pocket but as i was watching the golden globes last night with the mother, i started on one of the sleeves, so as to not lose my place. they are going to be short - but not too short. it's dark and snowing so the light makes my sweater looks orange - but it is NOT.


more knitting

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are bamboo. Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You love the craft and beauty of traditional things, and you value the comfort and experience of knitting as much as the results. But while you are reveling in your warm cozies, don't get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is the whole wide world!Take this quiz!

This idea was stolen from gaysknits. I do use bamboo needles, but i hate the clear plastic circular ones shown above. I've been told you can unkink them using boiling water, by why should you have to go to all that trouble? I also jumped her train and started the wicked sweater from zephyr style. I finished the little black top from the stitch n bitch book (but not actually black) and it's too SHORT. despite my knitting a guage swatch, measuring continually and actually knitting it MUCH longer than specified. It's drying at this very moment after a second washing and reblocking to hopefully resize it. I don't think it will help. very depressing.


lurkers everywhere unmasked

It's that time of year again.....


hatred of blogger continues.... Part XVII

tried to post brilliant youtube videos of David Bowie yesterday in honor of his turning 60, but no, did not work. Apparently since blogger twisted my arm to upgrade my account to new google super-tabulous something or other format my settings are screwed up - again. big surprise.
the mother is visiting and has come down with hellish cold. it is freezing cold here still, but is supposed to warm up and start raining tomorrow. should be a lovely skating rink. finished The Time Traveler's Wife on saturday, it was rather sad. I loved all the punk concerts they kept talking about. made me look up iggy pop interviews and concert footage, especially after XM Radio kept playing this song. It has been stuck in my head all week - and it's fabulous.


holiday weekend wrap-up

since it did not fall on an actual holiday this year, i made an appearance at the company party friday. i was dashingly attractive in my new wedges. was successfully making my cameo when i was forced to leave in a tearing hurry when a particularly annoyingly persistent customer had the audacity to show up. We will refer to him as THE MEXICAN. This title does not in any way reflect a dislike of the hispanic population as a whole, I just dislike him intensely in particular. When he went out the back door to get a drink, i removed my stunning new wedges and dashed out the front door, up the driveway down the snowy road to my car - all in my bare feet. it felt very cinderella. with the possible exceptions that she was fleeing in a pumpkin with six white mice from a prince so he would not see her humble origins, dropping a lovely shoe in the process and i was fleeing from a short, stocky, extremely persistent guy who has yet to understand the word no and i am still firmly in possession of my very attractive wedges. - so in other words nothing like cinderella.
(when i complained to steve v. of the continued reappearance of this person EVERYWHERE he helpfully told me it's fate, serendipity even. i told him to shut up.)
i was told this morning by a fellow employee that my new nickname is dash.
and who should THE MEXICAN arrive with but my least favorite employee ever - yes, casanova. who proceeded to walk up behind my chair and rub. one. hand. over. my. back. at which point i sent out very strong no touchy vibes he completely missed out on but everyone else in range distinctly picked up.
i finished my knitted top on saturday afternoon which has turned out a little TOO attractive and now i have to figure out where on earth i would wear it and with what. pictures will be forthcoming when i finish the tie/strappy thing. wearable-ness it all depends on the undergarments and for now the least indecent seems to be my black halter back bikini top.
then.....(the excitement just keeps coming) i cleaned the living room carpet on monday. i was waiting all weekend for the carpet cleaning machine and finally it was returned monday. but, of course, wal-mart didn't have the cleaning solution, so i go into safeway to purchase - and it's located it right outside the liquor store. i think to myself 'self what a good time to purchase beer'. 'after cleaning my carpet i can sit on the couch which is stuffed into the dining room along with the tv, stereo, floor lamp, chair and a billion other pieces of furniture and drink a beer'. so i carry my bottle of steam cleaning solution, pick up my coronas, get up to the counter and the liquor store guy says 'so you must have had a one wild new years'.
yeah, this looks real good.