Spring might just have officially arrived - these are photos the little locoweeds took with my camera yesterday. The first picture is complements of locoweed #2, she has captured her backyard and the arm of her sister with remarkable accuracy:And this one, I am not sure which wunderkind so clearly caught the soul of the apple slices. I am especially fond of it though:
Little locoweed #1 takes really good pictures. I will not, however, be posting the extremely unflattering photo she took of me. (I'm vain like that.)


This is for mrs. locoweed:


The crazy soup bone lady called last night. She wanted advice on how to find cheap airfare. Who made me the oracle?



I have earned the right and there is no one else

I have earned the right

to stress
to worry
to over analyse

and there is no one else

to remind me to eat
to have the car’s oil changed
to help barricade my windows against the invading zombie hordes


Whereupon I crack myself up..

Today, was a good day
I heard from a friend who I've been out of touch with for a very long time (HI IVY!) who despite my once accidently pouring an entire beer over her, still, it seems, speaks to me.
THEN - not as exciting, no, but the name for my sweater came to me. Quite by accident. In the bathroom. (Why, is that, by the way?) It all ties in together with what is probably my favorite Monty Python sketch ever....
The first definition, as in to dally or loiter,
as in...................wait for it......... Dally-Llama
te, he, he, I am officially 12 and I crack myself up
In my defense: I have never claimed to have smart ideas in the bathroom.



The Aimee Mann newsletter has just arrived announcing her new cd coming out June 3rd. If you have not yet seen her Christmas trilogy - please watch. Part 1 is the most hilarious/uncomfortably funny to me (Jon Krasinski being in it may have something to do with my fondness as well....)

did you see the look on his face?
'unless you hate baby Jesus' BEST. SONG. EVER.



Have you heard The Dodos?......Definitely click on the video to hear Fools, and the Red and Purple video is pretty cool too (especially the tiny piano).
(Found thru NPR: The Bryant Project - thru Dooce)

can you tell i'm bored today..........


Remind me to re-read this every time I start to whine about budgeting.....
Being Poor


thursday things

My sister is away having fun without me which leads to trouble, ie: me feeling sorry for myself and buying things. Today: first day of her vacation - it was a download of R.E.M.'s new cd Accelerate. I really like it so far, but please Jen, I'm supposed to be on a budget, please come back soon...

Wilco tickets go on sale April 8th - locoweed and mrs. locoweed are coming too! YAY!

Daily Monster is posting again - this site has me completely hooked. Watching the video is mesmerizing..........I especially liked the monster today.

I finished my Eyelet Cardigan last night, it is currently fully assembled and washed. Here is a preview from last night, prior to 2nd washing:
It is a 50% wool / 50% llama yarn (Cascade pastaza). I like how soft it feels but after wearing it for two seconds I appear to be a victim of a dryer lint creature R.U.S. attack.
This subject somehow reminds me of Quiznos.........
Oh no, please someone help to quick name my cardigan something cute so I don't forever think of it as the Quizno's-sub-rat sweater........