thursday things

My sister is away having fun without me which leads to trouble, ie: me feeling sorry for myself and buying things. Today: first day of her vacation - it was a download of R.E.M.'s new cd Accelerate. I really like it so far, but please Jen, I'm supposed to be on a budget, please come back soon...

Wilco tickets go on sale April 8th - locoweed and mrs. locoweed are coming too! YAY!

Daily Monster is posting again - this site has me completely hooked. Watching the video is mesmerizing..........I especially liked the monster today.

I finished my Eyelet Cardigan last night, it is currently fully assembled and washed. Here is a preview from last night, prior to 2nd washing:
It is a 50% wool / 50% llama yarn (Cascade pastaza). I like how soft it feels but after wearing it for two seconds I appear to be a victim of a dryer lint creature R.U.S. attack.
This subject somehow reminds me of Quiznos.........
Oh no, please someone help to quick name my cardigan something cute so I don't forever think of it as the Quizno's-sub-rat sweater........


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