I am in almost vacation, nail biting anxiety, random dream generator mode (you know, the restless sleep that has people you haven't seen in years popping up to have a hamburger in a Dive Bar before you both go merrily off to meet friends at a ANCIENT EGYPTIAN PYRAMID IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUBURBS. yes, random dream generator strikes again. It was odd enough that this morning, rather early I started trying to contact the hamburger-imbibing individual via myspace. I'm not sure why the dream lunch consumption was so unsettling, although I don't think that buddha has ever really been that fond of hamburgers.)
I got the house mostly clean last night and started trying to pack only to discover that alot of my summer clothes don't really fit. Which leads me to wonder, why didn't I try them on several weeks ago, you know, WHEN I HAD TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
um......, oops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

locoweed says ....

vacation sometimes is not really the answer to ones problems.

2/17/2008 8:01 PM  
Anonymous gay said...

ah someplace warm for vacation. i had wierd dreams last night myself. i spent the whole night dremaing that i couldn't get my cell phone to dial the number i neede d to get the cod o i could shop for grocereies and i think i'm afraid i am going senile! geez i hope it's only a dream. have fun. pack light. go shopping!

2/18/2008 4:54 AM  

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