What is happening here? Much tax paperwork, a little hanging out with friends, two movies and a broken kitchen stove - that about covers it.
  1. Watched I Am Legend last week and thought it was okay but not epic. My friend Liz had her eyes closed most the second half. Honestly *spoilers here (um, not very much spoiled)* if the zombies had looked more like real people I might have been more interested, they looked a little too much like Gollum. When he's in the dark with the zombies (before you get a glimpse, so you don't know what's in there......) it was the most unnerving. That and seeing a completely deserted city. spooky.
  2. Then last night, we went and saw Enchanted, and it was rather enchanting. you know, for a kids movie.
    • In other news:
My new oven (yay) is to be delivered tomorrow.
I love my Ipod Touch and if you get these little nifty protective films for the screen voila! no scatches. (so there)
Knitting was at a standstill due to my back/shoulder/entirerightarmgoingnumb issue, but it recommenced this weekend and a new sweater is in the works - I'm all kinds of excited about it since it is basically made up of two completely different sweaters and my imagination all in dark grape colored bulky wool. could be fabulous, could be hideous, but either way it will be referred to as my January sweater until a better name comes along.

Everyone is away at CPR/First Aid training this afternoon, nothing else is open due to MLK day so I am goofing off today and in honor of this here is a video for you


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