Instead of writing about Waitress (postponed, but not forgotten), I am going to attempt to justify (not to myself, I am without shame) my love for Rowan Atkinson.
I find genius appealing. There are many types of genius out there and I think someone who makes me laugh is, in fact, worthy of genius status. Let me demonstrate with this treasured scene from Love Actually:

Then, who can forget this memorable ceremony from Four Weddings and a Funeral?:

And this fresh Hell:

And then The Thin Blue Line? Who really can resist it?:

'Besides which I could issue the fellow with a cruise missile permit and you would still look a Dickey-Doo-Da'.
Then, for last, the uncomfortable first date:

Each of these characters are not particularly good looking or even smart, but Rowan Atkinson is (to me) endlessly varied and hilarious, which makes him accidentally attractive and, yes, a genius.
With what my sister calls 'the writer's block' still stretching endlessly before us into the future, I recommend getting yourself over to Youtube and watching some of the many excellent Rowan Atkinson' videos. Me? Well, I suppose I should get back to work....................
(But first I recommend this comic)


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