Knitting has been happening, though sadly, you will have to take my word for it (Slow knitting due to my being a little foggy with a cold). I have been promised fudge (which I sadly am incapable of making as yummy as she) in exchange for mittens and a hat. I tried to knit her a scarf instead of the hat, hoping she wouldn't notice the lack of said warm accessory but apparently mum spilled this information during a phone conversation and now I've been busted.
Tin Man has been on for the last two nights and I'm loving it. Unfortunately, I get caught up watching and forget to knit. This is a very good/bad sign. Last night I also started to work on a light box for photos, using instructions found here. Pictures this time of year are tricky at best, so I am hoping to liven things up a bit. The cat found the tissue paper application VERY exciting and it was almost a disaster.
Did you know you can actually rent photo booths for your special occasions?


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