Just a few thoughts, you know, to pass the time (and make my quota)
  • I am watching Van Morrison on Austin City Limits - I went many years without seeing what he looked like, just hearing his voice. I have to say when I finally saw him - not at all what I had pictured. I love 'brown eyed girl' but I have always had a unreasoning hatred of 'gloria'. You should see the Van Morrison crowd dancing and singing, they're hilarious.
  • Have you seen that AT&T commercial? You know the 'more bars in more places, AT& T'? Who else immediately thought it would been better, as in funnier, if the commercial had shown drinking establishments?
I am having a very, very difficult time channeling any creative thoughts here people. I am soaking my turkey in apple cider brine, watching sappy television and drinking a Corona, this is as good as it gets.


Anonymous locoweed said...

I notice that you blog predominantly in the evening. Perhaps, you should try it first thing in the morning, your perspective might be different, and inspired. You could call your blog "Caffine and Crap". Just a thought.

11/24/2007 10:48 PM  

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