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I changed my home page to BBC News some time ago, the Europe settings, no less. I have always found the news in other countries much more interesting than my own. (except, of course, the daily show and colbert report - they are always gripping no matter which country they're skewering.) It is fascinating that the most read BBC articles and the most emailed articles are not one and the same. Apparently what people are most interested in reading and what they want their friends to think they are reading are not quite compatible. Today, for example, earlier the most read article was 'dog-fighting NFL man chooses jail', but most emailed was 'kittens adopted by pet rabbit'. What does this tell us? People are more interested in reading dirt on famous people, they, however, want their friends to think they are reading warm, fuzzy articles about small animals. The second most emailed?
Cannabis compound halts cancer.


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