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Despite a holiday, I don't have much progress to show. Instead of knitting away, cleaning the house, planting tulip bulbs or anything else so mundane: I went and drew pictures of castles with moats and princesses, little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. All with a little girl convinced that all princesses have yellow hair and blue eyes. I think she found my goth princess with purple hair a bit odd.
Much television was watched this weekend which led to some thoughts about programming: There was a advertisement for one of many law & order shows. One man (a suspect I presume) started talking about 'exercising' his demons. Doesn't anyone check programs for proper grammar and pronunciation when discussing evil spirits? Don't they know about a good old exorcism, these days?
I did watch a few things that made a good impression. TCM played movies today with 'the saint', you know the real one, George Sanders (that man had an awesome voice) NOT Val Kilmer.

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Anonymous locoweed said...

What's with the Ewok hat?

11/12/2007 6:21 PM  

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