random sentences from my fridge

me the hot delicious chocolate

a pecuniary yarnball fulminates in my stalwart rhythm

you do bite

Here is my daily post: yay! day 3 and I haven't forgotten yet. I been home all day, sniffling with a cold, watching hours of mostly pointless television (with the exception of Wilco on Austin City Limits tonight, that is never pointless) and knitting on my everest vest - almost finished with the front. I will need to choose my next project tonight since I will have to wait until the body is done drying to attach the neck and armhole edging. Decisions, decisions..........

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Anonymous locoweed said...

etib od uoy

mhtyhr trawlats ym ni setanimluf
llabnray yrainucep a

etalocohc suiociled toh eht em

11/04/2007 8:57 AM  

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