back again....

Just checking in for my daily snarl. Today, nothing much happened. Yeah, I know, big surprise.
I went to meeting this morning (skipped breakfast and was absolutely starving), made lunch, sat my hiney on the couch and knitted and ripped back the new Bianca Jacket three times, all the while catching up on Dr Who reruns and the latest Torchwood episode. Just now I've come back from playing with the little girls and drinking beer with Beth-la, while Steve channel surfed. I had to get out and away from the house, my view has looked like this:One really has to leave if only for a few wee hours. (Trust me, the mess, aka my workspace, looks better, much classier in black & white)


Anonymous locoweed said...

I prefer sepia

11/04/2007 10:31 PM  

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