Do I have a type?
I was talking to my sister Jen on the phone and my dorky self had to admit to a little crush on Seth Green. I even made it through a whole episode of Grey's Anatomy this week (a show I normally scorn) because of Seth's magical presence. And since blood started squirting out of his neck at the very last second of the episode, they have now ensured that I will watch next week's episode as well. (If they kill him, I will never forgive them. I don't care it's only pretend. There are some lines you do not cross.) Finally Grey's has snagged me. All because of Seth Green. I thought my type was, you know, tall, dark, handsome. Cary Grant circa The Philadelphia Story crossed with Clive Owen circa EVERYTHING. Apparently I don't know my own type at all. But then I guess it's not surprising I find Seth Green attractive considering he is one of the brains behind Robot Chicken.
I wonder if he'd convert?

This is what happens during NaBloPoMo. Here I am, spilling all my inner dorkiness......I'll stop now.


Anonymous locoweed said...

I'm sure you just ooze with inner dorkyness all the time.

11/23/2007 11:11 PM  

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