Here it is: a song for today.....

If you haven't checked out NPR expanded website, please do. It's really impressive. You can hear world cafe interviews, there's a feature called song of the day so you can discover new things, full length concerts, & the NPR shop has very green/organic gifts for the granola in your life. Yes, I know I sound like a walking advertisement, but I found it all very exciting. So we are going to do a little poll - you know, to break up my blogging monotony. Here goes...
Speaking of green products, you should check out the gDiaper * review over at mighty girl. I love that they are not only functional but stylish AND no nasty diapers stinking up the house.

*(I am aware that these are products I do not now need, nor plan to anytime in the future. I just thought they were cool.!


Anonymous locoweed said...

Can I vote for more than one ????

11/28/2007 4:59 PM  

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