I politely gave my father an ultimatum yesterday. I told him he and mum needed to talk and decide what they are going to do with the house, either they could rent it or sell it. This was after he called me at work (at a moment when I had an office overflowing with people) to tell me they are not moving back this winter. I’m trying to block out my clamoring, jumbled thoughts. It’s actually not working to well, but I really am trying. Should I start packing? Should I have a yard sale? Should I jump off the bridge?
There's only one thing to do in this circumstance.

I am going to Beth's and drink some coffee.

****NOTE: you've got to check out the results for the NPR poll.........i am speechless


Anonymous locoweed said...

First, how high is the bridge?
Second, You go girl!
Third, I think I voted too many
times yesterday. Oops!

11/29/2007 1:49 PM  

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