I am a little glum due to a hideous weekend I will not recap. ever.

I sent my sis' new hat, mitten and scarf on Friday so hopefully they will be arriving at her door today. I did not take any good photos (sadly not only have I neglected to finish my light box but I've mislaid my camera cable as well) - so we must rely on her to model for us (yes, I really mean it Jen). Another pair of mittens was finished as well but they will not be gifted due to thumb issues - very bad placement on my part, and not something I can take back. They have taken up residence in my mitten bin by the door. I have a theory that, unlike cats, you cannot have too many mittens. I have also progressed on the koolhaas hat by jared and am now in the home stretch - I love the way the Lattice Pattern looks, but it has been slow going. It seems slightly snug but I think after washing it will be perfect. Hat are tricky for me, I seem to have a lot of sizing issues.
Now that you all feel like jumping off a bridge too, let me lighten the mood....

That probably didn't help much, huh?


Blogger mooncalf said...

I really love the idea of a mitten bin and am green with envy. I am envisaging every outing being preceded by a lucky dip of woolly accessories. In fact, now I am imagining a kind of production line of people dipping into a series of mitten bins, scarf bins, hat bins as they make their way to the door.

12/11/2007 1:02 AM  

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