Today I reserved my hotel for my February vacation. yay!
I have been listening to Coffee Break Spanish in preparation for this mini-break. I love the fact that I'm listening to a Spanish learning podcast from Scotland. His Scottish accent is sooo handsome. The upside to these are I can download the podcasts to my ipod and listen while driving, the downside: everyone passing sees the crazy lady talking to herself. But really, who am I kidding? I have trouble with English and I've been practicing that all my life. Oh, and everyone expects me to be crazy.
I have also subscribed to the weekly XMU podcast, it is a great place to hear about new bands: you should check out Bell x1, their song featured this week sounded good. (This summer while talking to someone about concerts and bands: they told that I was 'like a teenager', what does that mean anyway?) I have also tried listening to knitting programs - this has been a little hit and miss, some are very interesting; while others......... not so much. On a funny side note: While listening to a knitting podcast out of Texas - I realized I have met the knitter's mother and sister.
Knitting progress pictures should be forthcoming later on in the week (as in Friday - I have a few non-fun deadlines looming).


Blogger S t a c i said...

Hi - I am "this knitter"...haha. How did you meet my mom and sis? In Kodiak?

S t a c i

12/23/2007 4:01 AM  

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