I have made some headway on my light box. Look! Yarn! This is Gisele ........ and here is Henry .... my lovely yarn models.
If I had additional light sources I could illuminate things from the top and right side as well, but I am working with only one light source: one of my dad's old work lights. I still need to pick up some poster board so there is something more professional than the tissue paper backing being demonstrated at the moment. Despite these inadequacies my yarn colors certainly look clearer than before.
My Koolhaas is turning out lovely. I need a mannequin head to fit inside my light box for optimum pictures. My grandma Jeannie wore wigs for as long back as I can remember. She used to have foam heads wearing wigs lining her shelves. They were kinda cool in a creepy sort of way. She is living in Utah now, her family moved her into a assisted living home. It is sad to me that such an independent woman who tore through town in her vintage VW Bug, wearing a red and black homemade poncho, clingy black dress, stiletto heels, the longest earrings I have ever seen, a carefully combed wig and always (always) a girdle, is living among strangers far away.

She had a little yellow mobile home - bright red inside. The interior sort-off resembled a respectable bordello. There was always a jar full of lemon drops and on the radio, (K-JO) big band music played...


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