I watched two movies last night, Waitress and Mr Bean's Holiday, both guaranteed to warm even the most cynical heart. The one I will gush about first is Mr Bean's Holiday. (Tomorrow I will gush about Waitress. and Keri Russell. and pie. and especially Nathan Fillion.) I was initially very excited to see Mr Bean taking a holiday, and my excitement doubled after reading a lovely review. Then last week some friends viewed it without me (now I am relieved this was the case) and gave it a non-stellar review, most of their complaint being that there was no talking throughout the film. I was resolved to watch it without prejudice. This is probably impossible since I love Mr Bean, Black Adder, & Rowan Atkinson. (Would it be odd to confess a slight crush on Rowan Atkinson?) I found the lack of dialogue in the original Mr. Bean sketches to be refreshing rather than irksome and I was pleased that the film felt true to what I remembered. The first film outing of Mr. Bean did NOT feel right, I have thankfully managed to block most of it out.

What can I say? Rowan Atkinson is rather brilliant:
'Do I look absolutely divine and regal and yet at the same time very pretty and rather accessible?'


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Are you for real ???

12/20/2007 2:11 PM  

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