Why is it the eager, overly interested guys are not remotely appealing to me? I received a text mere moments ago from such a fellow:
'What does [insert gunter's first name] do on sat night?'
Since the person in question lives clear on the other side of the country, such a question seems totally irrelevant. Besides it's nobody's business. Never mind that all I'm doing is watching TV and knitting a scarf. (Right now it is Pat and Mike on the TCM channel.)

Back to my movie reviewing: Waitress
Now if you have not seen this movie SKIP THIS POST.
Why I liked this movie: Keri Russell's character did not use up someone else's happiness to get her own. Nathan Fillion is quite dishy and, yes, her husband is a creep but she did not assume that entitled her to permanently keeping someone else's husband. Her accent wasn't over-the-top and they didn't overly make her up, she realistically looked like maybe she could work in a diner. One the topic of Nathan Fillion: If you are one of the few people who've never seen Joss Whedon's series Firefly - get thee to Netflix at once. Hey, you got something better to do? (um, apparently me neither.)
What I didn't like: The pies were overly saturated, color-wise. I am very picky about my pies.

This weekend's plans were canceled due freezing rain - the roads have been hellish. So in case anyone asks: my extended plans include more TV viewing, some coffee/beer drinking (depending on the time of day) additional scarf knitting, some book reading, working as little as possible on Monday and then Tuesday, possibly going to the movies with friends. I said I would go to see this flick. Please don't hold it against me it was after all, against my better judgement and in a moment of weakness.


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