I am still alive. You were wondering, weren't you?
I really did not mean to take such an extended hiatus, but I really felt as though I had nothing to say. Not that anything has changed......

My vacation countdown has commenced on the side bar to the right. Read it and weep. Speaking of reading - if anyone has vacation reading suggestions I would be eternally grateful. Of course, there is a mountain of books waiting for me next to my bed - but new books are so very exciting.

Knitting has begun and continues on Roam....
The body is complete (except for hood) and just started on the arms. No pictures as yet. I'm not too excited about this sweater - I didn't have any money to buy new yarn so I'm using up what I got. Hopefully I will have enough to finish. (eek).
I finished the February baby sweater from Knitting Almanac. It is lovely to me....
It is for a little girl named Jade Isabelle expected to arrive to a friend soon.


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