2.8.08 friggin' freezing friday

It's still cold. really cold. big surprise there, huh?
All of this white freezing, blowing stuff is making the Hemlock Ring Blanket a really appealing knit to plan. I may even have to relax my no-new-yarn-until-after-vacation stance soon.
The January Sweater is drying after a second dunking in cool water. I was pleased to note that the color didn't bleed AT ALL this time.
Roam almost has completed sleeves - unfortunately there is not enough yarn left for a hood so I am evaluating my collar options. I was thinking an i-cord around the edges. We'll see....
Completely unrelated story: My telephone rang last night after 10: pm (which is odd to begin with) and who should be calling but an acquaintance who is completely bats and has somehow decided to torture befriend me. She had a superfluous question that could have waited until a more appropriate time to call (appropriate being nothing after 9: pm if you are a casual acquaintance, only sisters are allowed to call late. Yes, when you get up at 6:am everything after 9: is late) however the real gem in the conversation came when she started telling me of the ongoing feud with her neighbors. She is now convinced that they smashed out the window in her truck with a soup bone. 'Not just a regular soup bone. It was industrial sized, with some meat still on it' and all part of a PLOT involving the neighbors, their grandson and a truck with a especially loud muffler. There was mention of police and a large Magpie/Raven and some suspicious lurking thrown in for good measure.
The moral of this story: do not piss off your neighbors. They may cook up a sinister plot involving industrial size soup bones and a good pitching arm carried out by a sinister grandson with bad taste in vehicles. And some poor individual may have to listen to your deluded ramblings when all she really wants to do is knit and watch The A Daily Show.


Anonymous gay said...

considering that there is a writers strike and there is nothing good or new on tv it's a good thing that sometimes life is funnier than tv but probably not late at night.

2/09/2008 11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

locoweed said....


2/15/2008 4:00 PM  

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