Masterpiece has been on a Jane Austen kick for the last several weeks. I loved Northanger Abbey, was amused at the casting of Billie Piper (most memorable as Rose in Dr Who) in Mansfield Park and positively horrified by Anne Elliot in Persuasion - my favorite of all the novels. (Why could they not have chosen another actress? or changed her hair somehow? uggh) But what was really gripping: last night they had Miss Austen Regrets - yes, lots of speculation abounding all over the place but Jane... I mean Olivia Williams, I remember her best from being Jane Fairfax in Emma - you know the nice Emma without Gwyneth Paltrow; Jane was gripping to watch. She was charming, cynical and real. This is the only decent clip I could find (side note: The funniest part about this clip is what it is not showing you. He was not only rather (um, very) rude the night before, but Jane is the wee-est bit hungover)


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