Sorry for the extended silence, I have been sick all week so there was a definite lack of posting desire.
I finished reading No Country for Old Men the week after vacation but honestly I wasn't really sure what to say about it. Lack of punctuation seemed to lend emotion to The Road, and having never before read any other book by Cormac McCarthy, I assumed this lack to be an anomaly. This was apparently a wrong assumption since No Country also lacks punctuation. It was difficult to follow the spoken dialogue, especially since McCarthy writes in a way that captures how people really do talk - you know in a backwards, roundabout sort of way. (How to explain...sometimes people talk how Willy Nelson sings.)
I have begun reading The Emperors Children (chosen on a whim in an airport bookstore last year).
Anyway, now to non-literary drivel: I'm knitting in the hopes that it will keep my hands occupied and prevent eating (which is pretty much all I think about lately- Why am I hungry all the time? It is a mystery.) I have been home a lot this week so there is actually something to show. It is (hopefully) a fitted Eyelet Cardigan that has eluded me in the past. Look! It has a back:And completely non-literary and non-knitting related: I couldn't for the life of me remember who sang this song but it finally came to me today:


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