Whereupon I crack myself up..

Today, was a good day
I heard from a friend who I've been out of touch with for a very long time (HI IVY!) who despite my once accidently pouring an entire beer over her, still, it seems, speaks to me.
THEN - not as exciting, no, but the name for my sweater came to me. Quite by accident. In the bathroom. (Why, is that, by the way?) It all ties in together with what is probably my favorite Monty Python sketch ever....
The first definition, as in to dally or loiter,
as in...................wait for it......... Dally-Llama
te, he, he, I am officially 12 and I crack myself up
In my defense: I have never claimed to have smart ideas in the bathroom.


Anonymous jen said...

That was funny I just sang it to mom last week! (her call has llamas)

4/15/2008 4:12 PM  

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