it is a sleepy friday.... late nights are catching up with me. do you ever find when meeting up with old friends again you suddenly realize how dreadfully you missed them? But were somehow unconscious of it during the in-between-part, odd.
here is an awesome video recommended through VSL today, which is funny considering i read an article somewhere about Lord Byron earlier in the week.....can't think where

am really wishing for a nap.....


i have nothing exciting to say so LOOK! here are tunes. i've found a few new things i love on the verge

Music Playlist at MixPod.com


random topic: what was the first book you remember reading that gave you the 'Oh Crap! We are all going to die' feeling?

mine was The Pearl by John Steinbeck. i curse the day i found it on my mum's bookshelf.


it was a kick-ass weekend,
Friday: there was awesomely sunny deck-sitting (why can't that be an olympic sport? i could so totally win) with yummy beverages and good company.
Saturday: was treated to lunch of an excellent sandwich (with craisins and sugared pecans and every good thing), mum made really good pizza on the grill & i went to see Land of the Lost with Griskus.
Sunday: had excellent lunch in the Flats with friends, went on a very hilarious hiking expedition with a whole passel of people that turned into an-all-the-rest-of-the-day-event.

was good.

and locoweed: your email spammed me again over the weekend, this time in German.......


happy summer

the weather continues strangely fine, i think there might be sitting on a sunny park bench in my future. this makes me impossibly happy.


i'm less crazy today. it's a good feeling....
oh! & have i mentioned how much i love holidays?


somehow i managed today on a certain level just fine. i worked til 2:00, laid in the sun with mrs locoweed, her mum and the assorted kiddies, went to wal-mart to look at rafts for the lake. i've found it's all about staying busy, preferably in a crowd of people. then came my critical error. about 4:00 i went home.... and there was no one there. the mum was not laying on the porch where i had expected her to be. the house was quiet. i laid in the sun in all that quiet and it happened, the thing i'd been fighting against all day.
i got blisteringly mad

on the upside: my tan is coming along very nicely

on the downside: i want to tell someone to go f*** himself and the horse he rode in on


Blogger has been giving me fits for days - so here goes nothing...
the weekend was excellent involving sunshine, hiking, picnics, and lake dipping.

i finished The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World and have now passed it on for tag to read. it was completely absorbing, to the point that i think i want to read it again. the author traveled to several places i would like to go (Thailand, Iceland, India) and some locations i'm not in that much of a hurry about (Switzerland, Qatar) and it was surprising which locations made for more interesting read. the India trip came off a little boring - weird, no? anyway, was awesome book. don't be surprised if i start lending it to everyone i meet.

over at Mighty Girl, Maggie Mason posted a mighty life list some time ago with 100 things she wanted to do (i'm not even sure what i want to be doing next week, hmm....) and now has had the very awesome luck of Intel sponsoring her list - to the extent they asked her to pick 10 things to do in the next three months.
so, what would be on your list?

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