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Yes, my weekend was very exciting. The highlights include discovering that I had no water Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, spending ALOT of money on heat tape that turned out to be unnecessary and seeing WAY too much of 'Larry The Plumber'.
On the upside: I now have experience installing heat tape; I can use a torch to heat water pipes and expertly kill spiders; I now have an indepth working knowledge of my crawl space (which I'm happy to report seems to be rat free); and there are no busted water pipes spilling inside my house.
On the Downside: (Yes, there is one...) I feel like someone has beat me up. This I can only attribute to crawling around in a freezing cold, spider infested dirt crawl space all day and the after-affects of viewing the backside of Larry The Plumber.
On a happier note: I have finished January book #4 and am almost finished with book#5. There is nothing like exhaustion to make you stay inside and read all afternoon Sunday.


Anonymous jen said...

just say "no" to crack

1/30/2006 6:14 PM  

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