Self Portrait Tuesday

My sister and I went to Jamaica, partly because we found a good deal on Airfare and mostly on a whim. It was such fun; the driving beat of the disco underneath our hotel room until 4:00 AM, the completely empty hotel pool, strangers offering to sell any narcotic imaginable, the strange screaming animal noises from dusk until midnight, the near death drive to Ochos Rios.
Since than I have been on many vacations without my sister, none of them nearly as relaxing. It has nothing to do with where you visit or how long you stay but rather who you are with. If I lay awake into the wee hours unable to sleep, there are worse reasons than a disco beat.


Anonymous je said...

how sweet is that!
never again have i heard "brown-eyed girl" with a reggae/disco beat. i never knew you could kill so many great songs that way.

1/24/2006 11:15 AM  

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