mrs locoweed / wicked bad called to ask if i was still alive and i realized how silent things have been. Let me rephrase that - how silent i have been, things have been quite loud. namely: karaoke last night at smith's. very. loud. and i got beaned in the head with a stereo speaker that one of the twins knocked over onto me.

tag's sister was in town for a few very short days (we went to the pound and petted a kitten but sadly could not talk him into getting one, plotted an elaborate practical joke but need to locate a pregnant woman to execute its brilliance.... maybe he shouldn't let us hang out together) and then she left and tag got a house to rent friday night (which involved a wee bit of cleaning)
right before his parents showed up saturday and maximilian gave his 1st talk on Sunday.
so my week: bad head cold followed by fun, followed by awkward i-think-it-went-ok-ness, followed by relief that max did good.....


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