Have you heard of Library Thing? APPARENTLY you can load the books from your bookshelf and mark then read, unread, etc. They have a I See Dead People['s Books] group where you can look at the library list of famous people. For instance you can look at the library list of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Not only did he have some pretty cool books but also appears to have marked in them.

My question: If you died and someone loaded your library list onto the internet, would you have cause for embarrassment?


Blogger Laura said...

If they posted all of the books I have, they would think I was a crazy woman. My books are composed of diet books, classics, yoga, how to be green, more diet books and so on. What would be imbarassing is that unless I suddenly become skinny, they would wonder at the usefulness of all the diet books, I know I do at times.

5/03/2008 7:09 PM  

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