I was not excited about the kindle, I like everything about books. Then I discovered a kindle app for my itouch and thought why not?- you know - just because. Now I think the thing is all kinds of brilliant. So far I have only sent the samples to my touch for a trial run (it's basically the first few pages), but I think if you're anything like me (and hopefully you're not) and rate your vacation by the number of books you read while lying in the sun drinking a cool alcoholic beverage, this will definitely free up your luggage. My only complaint is that the kindle versions of new releases at Amazon are still $9.99. Why so much? Especially when it is not something you can put on your shelf and keep FOREVER or trade away for credit if you don't care for it. They should give you options: you know like bundling.
Amazon, are you listening?

Also I have been dinking around looking for new songs. I found the KEXP Song of the Day podcast on itunes. Really quite brilliant. Does XM Radio have something similar?

Here is a great cover of Papa was a rodeo by Bright Eyes (via Tullycraft News)
'I see that kiss-me-pucker forming, maybe you should plug it with a beer'

Knitting content is forthcoming, just as soon as I get around to taking pictures. I know you were all waiting with bated breath.........


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