Coffee Tunic by Mira Ranki
Mods: * (lots)
* Yarn weight, pattern said dk but my dk...nothing like
* Needle size #3 for ribbing, #5 for body
C.O 224 and did not increase or decrease throughout body until bust line - incorporated increased stitches into cable pattern under arm. I did not decrease the amount listed up and around arm holes, instead incorporated decrease stitches inside the purl stitches in main rib pattern. Picked up collar stitches (and did not count number of stitches picked up, due to extreme laziness) with #3 needle knit in k1, p1 rib for 1/2" and then increased k f&b in every 5th stitch. Thoughts: LOVE this yarn but after washing it does not hold shape like usual wool. This led to my re-doing the collar multiple times. And when I say multiple, I mean multiple.


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