Knitting continues on the Aune Skirt, but slowly. Last night it was aborted due to plumbing issues. While I was at the hardware store yesterday at 4:00 PM, buying a new sink drain I could not help but notice that another customer was the better (or worse) for alcohol. Who drinks before they go to the hardware store? I think it is necessary to drink afterwards. You know after you've assembled and reassembled your bathroom drain, after you've adjusted and readjusted the gaskets, after fiddling with the stopper after each readjustment all the while lying contorted on your back with shampoo bottles poking into the middle of your shoulder blades, after it is clear to you that the sink is still leaking and you are exactly where you started from, but now angry..... maybe the alcohol fumes man was not on his first trip of the day to the hardware store.
Why did I not go out with that plumber? Oh that's right, he kept calling me Katie. Which wouldn't be so bad only it is not actually my name.
And thinking that over reminded me of this from a softer world......

and i think the nose actually looks eerily familiar.....


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