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  • SNL replayed an episode from 1975 with George Carlin - I had never seen him so young, he was kinda hot

True story, whose recall was prompted by a recent conversation, but this is not to be mentioned to my mum who would sigh and make the 'i am so disappointed in you' face about the airing of my dirty laundry on the internet:
(Disclaimer note: I try not to mention real, live people but will this time because a) he will never read this b) is now happily married and living far, far away so therefore would have no right to be upset since things turned out quite nicely for him c) his wife probably loves it when he plays his guitar d) he dumped me.)
I once liked a guy and (strangely enough it seems at one time the feeling was mutual) and he was learning to play the guitar and he decided to play for me. Well, his playing turned out to be mostly unintelligible (which I not faulting him for, he was just beginning) but he kept asking me to guess which songs he was playing. The tension, at least mine, was mounting and not in a good way - if the girl you are hoping to impress can't decipher what tune you are strumming, it may not be creating the mood you were hoping for. I was growing increasing uncomfortable which is typical for me. I tend to overreact, yes, but in my defense, it was a very small room, me, him, his soulful eyes and a guitar. Not that I am saying he was likely to jump me, I am saying that there is only so much intensity a girl can take when a guitar is involved.
What I learned from this experience:
If you want the guy to continue liking you it's probably not a good idea to break eye contact while he is playing to you, get up, and start slicing watermelon.
If you want a girl to continue to like you, never serenade her.
P.S. to clear up jen's question about identity of mystery guitarist : he's younger than I am.


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thank you for the clarification

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