I've been knitting some mindless, thoroughly enjoyable stripes at night.....
I love the watching the colors change. It is the Noro Striped Scarf from Brooklyn Tweed, knit with Cascade 220 in Charcoal and Noro (lost the band, no idea what it is. Kureyon? maybe?)
(It only took me 15 tries to upload this picture. blogger: you suck)
It's been a quiet day besides the 'obscure business proposal' I received from a 'dear friend'. At least I have friendly and courteous spammers, thank you Mr Chin-Li.
I've been loving all the old 'horror' movies on AMC. Last night I watched The Return of Doctor X. Halfway through the movie I started to wonder if my DVR had in fact taped something wrong since Humphrey Bogart was nowhere to be seen. He finally showed up with a freaky white bunny rabbit in tow, looking great, in a pale, crazy sort of a way.........
and, of course, last night was the premier of 30 rock.


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